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Hello, I'm Sora. 14. I do love dancing and singing coz they're my daily meal. Also a big fans of Kpop. Bla bla bla leave yoou footprints in my cbox and ask anything question in my!..



WRITTEN BY SORA ON Saturday, 5 October 2013 [ 1 comments ]

I do not know what to talk about.I cry and I don't know why,I just need happiness in my life but what I get is just a misery.My life is filled with sadness,what's wrong with me,all I was doing wrong in their eyes.Start with a friend who seems not like me,I know I'm not good but please respect me as a human.I'm not rich,I was not born with pleasure.All my friends from a wealthy family but I'm not.I want myself known as syaza that good drawing especially anime,I also want to be known as a clever husna and as well as my friend who is known by teachers but I cannot get it because my life never give happiness to me,urghh! Can I get happiness in my life? can I ?! urghh,life is cruel.I'm having fun,very fun,fun face of suffering,yeah -_-  does this suffering will end ? I hope it will end with happiness,yeah I hope it will end with happiness,there is no sadness,no suffering and no more fake smiles.Sadness surrounds my life,a place where I can go to get rid of my sadness,oh please don't say go to the beach,got to the resorts,go to village,the place it just makes me bored.I just need a friends who understand me,a family that really understands my feelings.That's all I need.Well life is cruel it can be wonderful if we be patient facing unexpected and always do things that lead to path, insha allah :) *see,I smile

Sorry if my english so bad.I'm just the human being who makes mistakes,mianhae ****