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Hello, I'm Sora. 14. I do love dancing and singing coz they're my daily meal. Also a big fans of Kpop. Bla bla bla leave yoou footprints in my cbox and ask anything question in my!..



WRITTEN BY SORA ON Sunday, 6 October 2013 [ 1 comments ]

hey hey people I'm comeback again ~

I'm totally tired of my life,I'm face of suffreing,starting from yesterday until today October,6,2013.My sadness is not over yet,I'm wait and continue to wait for happiness to come do not know when it will come,urhh,cruel world,cruel life...

there is a girl who seems not like me,she always be like to strip my friends,begins with a my first best friend and turned to my second best friend who is always with me when finished school hours.But now situation changed when she approached my best friend.I felt like I was ignored since she approached my friend.She also took my friend who is always with me when reunion uniformed but now she's not with me anymore.On reunion uniform,I was alone at the time because my friends with a girl who I'm talking about in this story.She was walking with my friend,I tried to join them but I like the stump when with them.I decided to be alone than be a stumps when I was with them,urghh again I want to say life is cruel.I konw everyone is entitled to make friends with anyone but do not ignore other friends such as the words '' when already met new friends do not ignore old friends''. I still remember the words that was given by my teacher '' better have one true friends than have a thousands friends has a selfish and forget about us'', the true friends is a friend who always bring us towards the godness.I don't know want to assume as a friend or enemy ?!