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Hello, I'm Sora. 14. I do love dancing and singing coz they're my daily meal. Also a big fans of Kpop. Bla bla bla leave yoou footprints in my cbox and ask anything question in my!..



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WRITTEN BY SORA ON Saturday, 2 November 2013 [ 0 comments ]

Hello~ Hello~oi~oi people !!
huh , long time no see :3 recently I'm lazy to write a post , I have no idea T_T I'm sorry
Hey Guess~
I'm totally tired of my life - but seriously~ reading a manga book is the one that keep my life //grr//

My exam result have been pretty bad lately --
I cried because of my results . I'm really dissapointed of myself ~~ but I believe someday I will get to the top~~

I'm really sorry ,, I'm sorry for everything that I've done --
~I cannot got a high score for my exam :'c ,
I'm sorry mum , I'm sorry dad
I'm sorry world //start crying//