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Hello, I'm Sora. 14. I do love dancing and singing coz they're my daily meal. Also a big fans of Kpop. Bla bla bla leave yoou footprints in my cbox and ask anything question in my!..



WRITTEN BY SORA ON Tuesday, 11 February 2014 [ 0 comments ]

Yaww,i know that its to late to say Hi February! but whatever,so
how's my day? yeah,bored like always,the schools annoying like always,
still have a lot of homeworks and tired -_-

i'm totally tired of my life,tired with school activities--
with my homework,with my friends that really annoying //oppss//
suffering that surrounding my life,urghh annoyingzz,kinda annoyingzz
i'm gonna cry  T_T ---

~ life is cruel -- right now,,
my youngest brother are going crazy,he make noisy until i cannot concentrate for my homeworks --
my mother's just watched the televisyen while my father's -- doing something that i dont know --
and me? doing my homeworks ~ listening the chinese music //bored activities//

let's talk about my youngest brother ---
so,i hate them so much,i never like them~ never and never.... they always troublesome me--
they always make me angry with the things that they do,like teased my stationery,my novel and etc
they really--really annoyingzzz --------


friend? huh
i dont know what to say--
will my friend stay beside me when i fall ? its not,that's why i dont believe what is friend
i give you some example that my friend never appreciate me :-

they never said THANK YOU to me,i'm not expect a reward but i want to be appreciated as well--
just the words thank you---
~ please do not hate me, i'm just want to remove my sadness....

~ but,i'm thankfull to ALLAH SWT because giving me a good friend-- yeah,,i'm still waiting a true friend that can bring me to the right path,insyaallah....